About EVDS

About EVDS
About EVDS

Equine Veterinary and Dental Services (EVDS) is:

  • An equine-only veterinary practice which caters for preventative and elective procedures — such as dentistry, stud work, lamenesses, foot problems, skin disease, eyes, branding.
  • Located on a 60 acre property at South Grafton.
  • Two vets attend to client cases throughout our servicing area.
  • We are also the leading training centre in Australia for equine vets wanting to learn and master equine dentistry.

The objectives of EVDS are to:

  • Maintain the highest possible standards by focussing on only one species — the horse.
  • Provide first class comprehensive equine veterinary services in the Clarence Valley and surrounding areas.
  • Continue our passion to help to promote and teach equine dentistry to other professionals around Australia and the world - in order to aim for greater welfare in the horse.
  • Continue to service clients outside of Grafton, including Coffs Harbour, Bellingen and north to the border, who seek the services of vets who only treat horses.
  • Conduct more seminars for local horse owners — similar to the reproduction seminar in 1999, the equine dentistry/parasite seminar in 2003, and the two held in 2009.
  • Continue to grow and develop our service as a 1st class equine vet practice — which will help support existing industry and also to attract more equine owners and trainers to the area.