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Our Commitment to Quality

At EVDS, we work as a team and strive to please our clients through meeting their individual needs as best we can. We want to help our clients to help their horses!

We treat every horse and owner as an individual — with respect, honesty and willingness to go the extra mile.

Our ultimate goal is to reliably help our clients to prevent diseases and minimise the stress of emergencies with their horses.

Each of our vets and staff members own horses and have competed in horse sports, so we all know how much dedication and energy is required to own and train horses. With that, we have a unique level of respect, connection and admiration for our clients, who all work so hard to be able to live their dreams of owning and playing with these awesome animals.

Our three equine vets have special interests in equine dentistry, lameness, internal medicine and reproduction and have invested in the best equipment and training available. With this, we strive to offer clients maximum value for money through efficiency and thoroughness.

We are only too happy to perform procedures or attend to problems outside of the mouth whilst examining each dental patient. Thus we practice a holistic style of equine veterinary medicine. Focus on constant and never ending improvement means we regularly attend post graduate training courses. As well as improving our own skills and knowledge, we aim to pass on this new knowledge to our clients.