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John Chopin Equine Reproduction Bootcamp


John Chopin Equine Reproduction Bootcamp
$8,800 AUD


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John Chopin Equine Reproduction Bootcamp

 June 16-23, 2018

8 full days
at EVDS, Grafton, NSW

116 AVA EPD points to be accrued by participants!

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I participated in a repro boot camp in 2014. I found it so useful that I have since sent another one of our vets for a full course, plus another to a "mini" course. The whole week is perfectly designed - the right balance of theory and practical, in an intensive form, which leaves you with confidence and real skills to get back to your practice and "get into it". John and Oliver are very supportive, and are always available to answer any questions. It's a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in learning, in a laid back friendly environment. I highly recommend the course to any vet who wishes to improve their equine repro skills. It's proven to be a great investment for our business as without it, we never would have been confident to offer services such as stallion collection and embryo transfer which our clients had been requesting.

Dr Bruce Howlett

I found The Reproductive Boot Camp to be a great confidence booster for my equine repro work. It affirmed that much of what I do is worthwhile and correct, challenged me to adopt new and better techniques, and gave me excellent pathways to broaden my equine repro skills. The intensive lecture and hands on format left no room for intellectual laziness, ensuring that the knowledge stuck! All in all a fantastic piece of Professional Development.

Dr Tess Guilfoyle

Mare Reproduction


  • AI chilled and frozen
  • investigating and treating problem mares
  • twin reduction
  • pregnancy monitoring
  • managing high risk pregnancies
  • foetal sexing
  • embryo transfer
  • manipulating the oestrous cycle
  • freezing embryos.

Stallion Reproduction


  • semen collection
  • internal and external repro
  • exams
  • processing chilled and frozen semen
  • evaluating semen
  • OH&S etc.
  • and much more!


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Best ever! Wonderful course, tutoring quality very high, constant support much appreciated!

Excellent best ever! Excellent value for money, lecturer, tutors, prac sessions, support staff, food and accommodation!

Thanks for the tutorials and lectures, they were excellent and provided a good platform for vet practice.

Best ever! Small groups means more hands on, not watching others. Definitely read it, hear it, see it, do it, remember it!


Dr John Chopin, equine reproduction specialistJohn Chopin

Dr John Chopin BVSc, PhD, FANZCVSc is one of only two registered equine reproduction specialists in practice in New South Wales. John has worked at the University of Qld, Oakey Vet Hospital, Coolmore Stud, Tamarang Stud, was Key Speaker at Bain Fallon 2012, has instructed in Australia and overseas, and has contributed to over 60 publications including original research, education modules and textbook chapters.

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