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Symptoms to Watch For

Some Indications of Equine Dental Problems

Some symptoms that can alert you to dental problems in your horse are:

  • loss of feed from the mouth while eating

  • slowness of eating

  • head tossing with or without contact

  • difficulty chewing or excess salivation

  • loss of weight or body condition

  • large, undigested food particles in manure

  • head tilting or tossing

  • bit chewing, tongue lolling, fighting the bit

  • resisting the bridle

  • bucking or failing to stop or turn

  • running through the bit

  • hesitation to turn, difficult transitions

  • foul ordour from mouth or nostrils

  • traces of blood in mouth

  • nasal discharge

  • swelling of face

  • tooth grinding

It is important to note that some horses might show no noticeable signs because they simply adapt to their discomfort. This is why it is important to have an annual dental checkup with your vet.

Contact us if you notice any behaviour that you that seems strange, as early intervention is always better and cheaper than attempting to recitfy a problem with your horse later on, when a condition or situation has possibly become much harder to fix.