Services ­ Equine Veterinary and Dental Services

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EVDS Services

Services offered by EVDS include:

  • dentistry
  • stud work including ultrasound scanning, infertility investigations & treatments, flushing, semen collection etc
  • castrations
  • tendon scanning with ultrasound
  • digital x-rays — superior quality to old film xrays and you can see the xray image within seconds on the farm!
  • endoscopy — scoping the airways etc
  • lameness work-ups
  • vaccinations
  • parasite control programs — including faecal floatations, and worm and bot drenching
  • insurance examinations
  • breed certification and DNA/blood typing
  • freeze branding
  • electrolyte drenches
  • IV drips for performance horses
  • foot balance problems
  • joint injections
  • skin disease investigations eg itch, hair loss, infections etc
  • skin tumour treatments eg sarcoids, melanomas etc
  • routine elective surgeries eg. caslicks , hernias in foals
  • equine wellness programs (ie. annual visit to update teeth, vacc's, health check, foot balance, diet, and any other husbandry or health issues)
  • weight loss investigations
  • geriatric horse medicine (how to look after those pensioners)
  • euthanasia

Our Technical Equipment

  • X-rays
  • Ultrasound
  • Scoping
  • Freeze Brands
  • Surgery
  • Reproduction
  • Mobile Crush
  • Electronic scales
Health Horse Dental Party

Health Horse Dental Party

Are you finding it hard to make the time to have an appointment with our vets? Is travelling to EVDS in Grafton too time consuming for you, but to have us come to you and paying his travel fees too much for your budget? The solution is easy and enjoyable at the same time!