Equine Dentistry Training Workshop Dentals

As a special synergy with our Clients, we invite owners to bring their horses along to have their mouth examined, performance floats done, wolf teeth extracted if necessary and dental charts provided. 

These spaces always fill quickly, so please fill in the attached form and email/fax it back ASAP to secure your place! Please keep in mind that submissions using the form below or by fax will be given priority.

  1. Please read the conditions below, and
  2. Submit to EVDS person on the day, together with payment of $55/horse.


  1. No stallions or mares in foal or with foals at foot are to be brought along.
  2. This is a teaching workshop for veterinarians from Australia and overseas.
  3. Tutors will be available most, but not all times to aid and assist the vets.
  4. ALL Horses will be sedated – at times heavily.
  5. Horses will need time to recover from the sedation prior to travel - this may take 1-2 hours after the procedure is finished.
  6. As with all veterinary procedures involving performing procedures on sedated horses, there are always some risks involved to the animal, vet and handler.
  7. EVDS will always endeavour to minimise these risks by way of having requests for horses which are well handled and not reactive or nervous in temperament.
  8. We require the owner to advise (before hand) to the organisers of any medical condition the horse may have had or have at present. Eg allergic to penicillin, heart problems, respiratory infections, adverse experience with sedations.
  9. It is required that the owner (or a representative from the owner) stays and supervises the procedures, by standing outside of the stall, and communicating with the vets on what problems exist and how they will be treated.
  10. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the horse is up to date with tetanus immunity. Equivac T tetanus Vaccines are available at the office for $30 if necessary.
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