EV&DS Vets

Dr Oliver Liyou
BVSc (Hons 1) MANZCVSc (Eq Dent)

Grew up on small farm in Queensland with up to 30 horses at a time. Enjoyed riding, mustering, learning to shoe horses, filing teeth, breaking in, training and driving pacers and drove a winner at his first race drive in Brisbane in 1990 at 18 years of age.

Graduated from Uni of Queensland Vet School in 1993. Worked in Grafton for 9 years in mixed animal practice. Spent time working in UK and US in 1997 and 2000. Started Equine Veterinary Dental Services in 2002, and now organises equine dentistry post graduate workshops to train equine vets how to perform equine dentistry — with over 300 attending in 7 years from 2002.

Interests include trying to be the best dad he can to his 3 boys, horses, promoting equine dentistry to the equine veterinary profession, rugby league, golf, kayaking, camping and outdoor activities.

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