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Dr Oliver Liyou

BVSc (Hons1) MANZCVSc (Eq Dent) CMAVA

Oliver has been involved with horses since age 3 and has won races as a trotting trainer/driver, broken in and competed stock horses and draft horses. Since starting Equine Veterinary and Dental Services in 2002, Oliver has co-ordinated over 34 short course workshops in equine dentistry - with over 400 vets attending.  He has authored several scientific papers and lectured on Equine Dentistry at AVA, AEVA and Aust College Science Week Functions, along with writing many articles for horse magazines to raise awareness of welfare in horses.

Oliver has co-designed many equine dental instruments including the porta-safe-stocks trailer, which has been supplied to over 55 vets in all states of Australia. EVDS is now a “solo vet, equine only” practice in Grafton, and offers elective equine veterinary services to a client radius of 200 kms. EVDS performs approx 1300 dentals per year and has used equine dentistry to select for good clients who are serious about caring for their horses’ welfare in a proactive manner.